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PEANUTS is a snoopy merch

Peanuts is a recognizable brand with a wide range of merchandise, including clothing, kitchen accessories, and loungewear. In fact, more than a third of all merchandise sold is related to Snoopy and Charlie Brown. Whether you're looking for a special gift for a friend or a memento to show your love for the characters, there's a piece of Peanuts apparel for every occasion.

Snoopy's risky surfing stunt

The official surfing shop for the Peanuts gang and Snoopy has opened in Hawaii, a long-awaited project that will feature merchandise inspired by the characters from the comic books. The site also features special items that can only be found online. Check out these items and see if you can spot Snoopy or Peanuts in them!

Snoopy-themed accessories

Snoopy-themed accessories are a fun way to give your child a personalized gift. These cute keychains are custom-engraved with a special letter and feature an adorable Snoopy. They make a special gift for a child who loves the comic book character. Some keychains are made of resin and contain real dried flowers for an extra special touch.

A leather pouch and a clear plastic case are just a few of the accessories that are available for Snoopy-themed mobile devices. A screen protector is also available for the phone. Each item will cost 62,800 yen, including taxes.



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