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Watch Mohabbatein Hindi Movie Online Free [2022-Latest]




The movie is based on the real life story of the Bombay Hunts, who were . He had to not only catch the killer but also prove his innocence by a court of law. It was an attempt on Shastri's life at the end of the first innings of the game and hence the name of the movie. Plot Shahrukh Khan is a retired Indian Hockey captain. After his retirement, he tried to get selected in Indian national hockey team again. But, he failed to get selected due to some controversy surrounding him. So, he took coaching classes at the Hockey India Centre in Mumbai. His friend, a short pugnacious ice hockey player named Vijay Bakshi (actor Vivek Oberoi), has the same dream. They get selected to play for India, and start living in a hostel of the Hockey India Centre. Then, one day, there is an attack on Shastri. The attacker is Ashwin Kumar (played by Shahrukh Khan). A Delhi police inspector named Sushant Rana (played by Hema Malini) is called to investigate. She asks Shastri to come to her office. In the meantime, Shastri does not tell her about the truth and says that he is not interested in going for police job. Shahrukh Khan is selected for the national team. On the advice of an old friend named Devendra Bansal (played by Anupam Kher), he consults a famous lawyer in Mumbai named Abhi Bhatt (played by Irrfan Khan). At the same time, he gets the contact number of Sushant Rana. He and Vijay Bakshi go to Sushant's place in Bandra and, in the process, they meet the killer's family. Sushant Rana's elder brother was a friend of Ashwin Kumar. Shahrukh Khan is dropped in the beginning of the match, and is replaced by his friend Sachin Tendulkar. He quickly picks up the game and scores five goals in the first half of the match. He and Vijay Bakshi get mixed up with the suspects and are locked up in a room. They are locked up for seven hours, but they manage to escape by identifying the killer's car and follow him. He stops at a highway and tells them that he is going to kill his friend. Shastri tells him that if he dies, he will not be able to get in the national team.




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